City of Ansonia

253 Main Street

Ansonia, Connecticut 06401

Regular Meeting of the Board of Aldermen

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

7:00 p.m., Aldermanic Chambers


The Regular Meeting of the Ansonia Board of Aldermen was called to order at 7 p.m. by Aldermanic President Peter J. Danielczuk. All present rose and pledged allegiance to the flag.

Roll Call

The secretary called the roll:

Peter J. Danielczuk

D1 – present

Keith F. Maynard D4 - present

Ralphine Ford

D1 - present

Spero Jordanides D5 - present

Joseph Cassetti

D2 - present

Pasquale Pietrangelo D5 - present

Jason G. Bender

D2 - absent

Michael Joyce D6 - absent

Kathleen Samela

D3 – present

Della Hubbard D6 - present

Joseph A. Jeanette

D3 - present

David Knapp D7 - present

Lynn D. Giardini

D4 - present

Frank Tyszka D7 – present


President Danielczuk declared a quorum of 12 present, 2 absent.

Consideration of Previous Minutes

Alderman Knapp MOVED to accept the minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 11, 2000; SECONDED by Alderman Pietrangelo. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Public Session

President Danielczuk asked if any member of the public wished to address the Board.

Brian Butler

39 Greenfield Drive

I was here two months ago, I believe it was, about a parcel of land the City owns up off of Glen Drive. The paper that is coming around is a cut of that parcel, and the hash lines denote the wetlands. There was a question at the time about whether or not we were going to build on that parcel. Then it came up later that it possibly was a building lot.

I just wanted to clarify that on this map, [Mr. Butler described the map to the Aldermen] The parcel we are going to build on is in the back. The only thing we would use this for would be the driveway, to come in from the road across the front, to access our lot. Going back to 1975, that is the way the land was set up. If you look at that cut that I gave you, there is only one section that is open in this corner. You have to be 25 feet from a right of way in order to build, and 50 feet from the watercourses. It leaves a 55 x 35 x 65 foot triangle, and that is before any soil delineation. When you get into soil delineation, then naturally the wetlands always creeps farther away from the watercourse. I just wanted to try to clarify because there were some questions asked about it.

Alderman Samela asked, on our map, the building lot will be Lot 22? Mr. Butler replied, on your map, it doesn’t show the building lot. [Describing the map to Alderman Samela, Mr. Butler stated,] Your map is this section. The building is going to be back here. The driveway will come in through here. Nothing will ever be, or could be, built on that piece of property.

President Danielczuk thanked Mr. Butler.

Randolph Carroll

40 Fourth Street

I was glancing through the papers I got tonight and I have a question for Linda, if I may. President Danielczuk instructed Mr. Carroll to address his questions through the Chair. She attended a statewide meeting relative to mosquito management and control, relative to the West Nile Virus. I was wondering who I would go to regarding the stagnant canal behind North Fourth Street. It was infested with mosquitoes the last couple of years. If there is going to be any mosquito management, would that canal be included? Thank you.

[Ms. Gentile’s response is from notes only as the microphone near the Public Officials is not working]

Ms. Gentile stated, see me after the meeting on that. I’ll be working with the Health Department. The property is owned by Ansonia Brass & Copper.




Bob Bomba

76 Star Street

I was here last month, as I’ve been the last couple of years for the same complaint. I’d like to know what it’s going to take to get a routine police patrol in my neighborhood. I’m actually tired of coming down here, and I’m tired of calling the Police Department. I feel someone needs to help out here. It’s a daily problem, it’s the same thing, every day. it’s not scattered, it’s daily.

President Danielczuk stated, again, with the new budget, there will be three new police officers hired in the City. I know you met with the Chief at the Chief’s suggestion.

Mr. Bomba asked, with three new police officers being hired, what is the guarantee of having one in our area? President Danielczuk replied, there probably isn’t going to be one police officer permanently in any area in the City right now, [Mr. Bomba interjected] at least to make some kind of a patrol. President Danielczuk stated, they do patrol the area as best as they can right now. Mr. Bomba continued, there are days that go by and I don’t see any cops around at all. Granted, they can’t live there, I understand that. But something needs to be routinely done. These are the same people, the same problems. I know I’m not the only one that calls the Police Department to complain. Something needs to be done. You can’t even sit out and enjoy your yard. It’s ridiculous. Something needs to be done over there.

[Alderman Ford’s microphone was not audible, thus her comments are from notes].

I agree with Mr. Bomba. Something needs to be done. I called and I had some problems with the dispatcher in the way that she handled my call. When I asked her to identify herself, and all of a sudden I had two cars. We see it, why can’t they see it? I don’t understand why we aren’t getting results. President Danielczuk asked, did you talk to the Chief about the dispatcher? Alderman Ford replied, they sent two guys up, who were in charge that night, we talked for about 30 minutes, about a house where there are minors involved, and I don’t understand how this can go on for months and months, knowing that this is going on, there are elderly people on the street calling. They know minors are involved, why don’t they call DCS and get them in there, do something, at least that is one step. I have the elderly people stopping me, I can’t even go into the Dairy Mart without someone stopping me. They have moved now from Fourth Street over to by Bomba’s house, on Fifth Street and in the Star Street area. Because it’s darker, no light, and they can do whatever they want to do.

Mr. Bomba stated, there are two other things I’d like to add, Pete. You told me you would look into the light on Seventh Street, by the church. Nothing has ever been done. President Danielczuk stated, that light was fixed. Mr. Bomba stated, it still doesn’t work right. It goes on and then it shuts off. The other thing is, on Saturday night, myself and my neighbor called the Police six times for a party, and basically nothing was done. The cops come out, they stop for 20 seconds, they leave. One of the phone calls that was made by my neighbor, she was actually told, "what do you want us to do, make them go home?" There had to be 50 to 75 people there, at midnight. President Danielczuk asked what street it was on. Mr. Bomba replied, Seventh Street.

Mayor DellaVolpe stated, Bob, if that happens again, you call my house. [He gave Mr. Bomba his telephone number at home]. Mr. Bomba asked, you want a phone call at midnight? Mayor DellaVolpe replied, yes, I do. I really do, because I don’t want that to happen to anybody. If that happens again, you call my house, any time of the night, and I’ll get the situation taken care of.

Alderman Jeanette asked about the street light. President Danielczuk stated, it’s on Seventh Street, and it’s been fixed already once, maybe somebody knocked it, I don’t know. Mr. Bomba stated, it’s on Seventh Street, right by the church parking lot.

Alderman Samela stated, I was reading in last month’s minutes that the Chief told you to meet with him. Mr. Bomba stated, I went and met with him the next day. Alderman Samela continued, on this occasion, with the party at midnight, did you contact the Chief? Mr. Bomba stated, I wouldn’t call him at midnight at his home – I see no reason for it. There are officers that are hired to do these jobs. Like I said, I know they can’t live there, and maybe at times there are more pressing issues or more urgent issues, but we’re talking about a major, full-blown party, with all minors, they were smoking pot and drinking beer. I told the dispatcher. I know I can’t stop people from living, either. But this was midnight, you have to be respectful, a little, for who’s around you. We need to start making some examples.

I have an 8-year-old daughter and I like to go outside with her and throw the ball, and I have to make her go inside the house because the language is so disgusting. There is no reason for it. I was told that’s freedom of speech. President Danielczuk stated, as the Mayor said, give me a call because this is the first you’re telling me about it. Just give me a call.

Alderman Tyszka asked, when you met with the Chief, what kind of response did you get? Mr. Bomba explained, he came up with the plan, and he told me he’d speak to the officers about it. I believe he did. When I called down there to identify myself to the desk sergeant, they are to go to the area, the desk sergeant, if possible, is to go with the patrolmen to the area, park one to two blocks away, and walk. Alderman Tyszka asked if this is being done. Mr. Bomba replied, I haven’t seen it. They drive right up to it. As I’ve said before, which is probably common knowledge in here, most of these people seem to have police scanners. If you announce over the air waves you’re coming, they’re gone. Alderman Tyszka asked if the patrols have increased. Mr. Bomba stated, there are days and days that go by with no patrol at all in the area.

President Danielczuk asked three times if any member of the public wished to address the Board. Being none, he declared the Public Session closed.

Public Official Session

[Portions of the Public Official Session are from notes only as the microphone does not work and some people are more soft-spoken and could not be heard]

Mayor James T. DellaVolpe

I will keep it brief and don’t want to duplicate what the other persons will be saying after me. I would like to commend the Ansonia Garden Club on the upkeep of the planters on Main Street, in Haddad Park and on the corner of Schumacher Drive up on the hilltop. They have put a lot of time and effort into it, they are out there weekly, beautifying the streets of the City. I would like to publicly thank them for that.

Regarding the budget, I would like to publicly commend Chairman Tidmarsh and the rest of the Board of A & T on a great job getting the budget done. There is no tax increase – we’re staying the same at 31.4. And in doing that, we’re getting three new police officers, four new police cars which should help up in the north end, one new fire truck, a full-time recreation director which we’ve been wanting for a long time and I’m excited about. We’ve put aside money for open space to hopefully obtain the last parcel of the Birmingham Utilities property by Beaver Street, Mr. Halpin is getting a new ARMS building, and they’ve been waiting a long time for that and we’re looking forward to the day that opens up on West Main Street. A lot of time was put in, I know Spero Jordanides and Michael Joyce, the Chairmen of the Aldermanic Finance Committee, did a great job. We thought we were going to raise taxes 1.87 mills, but the Board of A & T cut it down, and we got all this, and we’ll have no tax increase. Hopefully the citizens of Ansonia appreciate the effort that they did, the job that they did, and this should improve the quality of life in our City.

I also have an announcement. We are in dire need of some umpires for Little League. If anybody on the Board knows of any college students who need a part-time position during the week, they can pick up some extra money on the side by umpiring some Little League games at night. If you know of anybody, call Beth in the Mayor’s Office, it would really help out the younger kids in town. The age of the umpires should be college level or seniors in high school going into college - 18 and over.

President Danielczuk thanked Mayor DellaVolpe.

Corporation Counsel Kevin Blake

We will be going into executive session later on a lawsuit.

The case of McPhail v. Board of Education, I was able to convince the plaintiff to dismiss the City of Ansonia. This was for an alleged discrimination violation a few years ago. The matter is still proceeding against the Board of Education, but not the City, we are no longer a part of that lawsuit.

We wrapped up Henry v. Stop & Shop. I expect in four months, and maybe sooner, the judge will render a decision, hopefully in our favor, so Stop & Shop can proceed with the gas station.

Last week I attended a Freedom of Information hearing with Nicholas Winnick against the Ansonia Board of Library Directors with an alleged violation of Freedom of Information. I will have a decision within 30 days on whether or not there is any violation.

I’ve met with the ATP building tenants. We are proceeding along, and hopefully we can resolve all the issues and collect the back rent.

You have in front of you the Noise Ordinance. This was brought up back in September, we had it in front of the Ordinance Committee last month. You have an option to approve it tonight or not approve it. Just remember Section 148 of the Charter – it still has to be published, you can fast track it or not, If there are 12 members of the Board of Aldermen tonight you can fast track and only publish it one time and then it goes into effect. It still also has to go before the DEP for their last approval.

We also have the telephone contract with the Police Department. I’ve given the blessing to the Police Chief so he can vote in that.

Regarding Resolution #4 – regarding the sitting area over on Olson Drive, I’ve reviewed that and from a legal standpoint I recommend that you proceed if you wish to proceed that way.

Alderman Samela asked if the City will maintain full liability for that piece of property. Corporation Counsel Blake said yes, that is City-owned property. I talked to our insurance agent, and we talked about separating it, and it doesn’t make sense.

President Danielczuk thanked Corporation Counsel Blake.

Linda Gentile

Director of Administrative Affairs

I attended a workshop on mosquito management and control. I do have information available in my office. There is no infestation at this time in this area. They have found some infestations in New York and lower Fairfield county. I do have information and am working with the Valley Health District on that.

Kevin and I have met with several people and are getting pricing and proposals regarding our workers compensation insurance. We feel we can get a better proposal and better pricing on that.

I met with members of Select Energy – I left on the table the press release that will be in the press packet for tomorrow.

I had several meetings in Hartford, some of them the Mayor did attend with me, and we have obviously made out well with state money coming into the City. I thank our legislative delegation for that.

We have formed a steering committee for the Sterling Opera House. They want to try and build that into a regional arts center. We are trying to plan for the revitalization of that building in Derby.

I also attended a workshop training session for Freedom of Information. I did attend that with Corporation Counsel Blake. That was very helpful to me.

President Danielczuk thanked Mrs. Gentile.

Joseph Miller


You have my report included in your packet. I met with the new auditor, I attended numerous Board of A & T meetings. We discussed the ramifications the new tax of Chapter 34 and the City, the Board of Apportionment has set aside $25,000 this year so you can attend workshops on behalf of Chapter 34. We’ve established a good working relationship with business manager at the Board of Education.

Alderman Tyszka asked, are we looking at our accounts and getting more interest? Mr. Miller replied, I am talking to banks to see what they can offer us regarding rates of interest. The only new service is automatic account reconciliation where, we leave a zero balance in the account and the checks are presented for payment from monies transferred out of the general fund account. With the zero balance account, all the banks I’ve talked to so far, basically it’s the same program. The only new wrinkle in the last couple of years is the canceled checks are not sent to us, but images on a CD ROM. We don’t need to store copies of checks or checks themselves any more for seven to 10 years.

Mrs. Gentile added, we’ve also discussed the possibility of doing electronic banking whenever possible to maximize the return on money that we’re receiving from the state, and get detailed financial statements. We will have the detail of what it’s for, where it’s come from.

Mr. Miller continued, the state will wire in about 90 percent of all grants to the City, on the same day they would have put it in the mail, so we’ll pick up two days interest on all the money.

Ms. Kalata, the Tax Collector, stated, we now have a lock box for tax season, so we can have access to our money even if we’re not open. That helps to pick up some time there.

Claude Perry, Sr.

Director of Personnel and Economic Development

Mr. Perry stated, I want to give thanks to the Mayor for the proclamation that he gave about Fair Housing Month in April. We were prepared, we had our proclamation at the end of March, so we were first in the state to have it.

We are coordinating the welfare program for Ansonia and three other communities for an intra-jurisdictional agreement. We have approximately 259 clients. The program will be conducted by TEAM, etc. we’ll do some financial monitoring with the State Department of Labor, some programmatic monitoring. Part of the dilemma is that there is a labor shortage. There is some coding that’s not there that can save a lot of time. It’s a small grant, so if we can get that coding it will be even better to serve the community.

If you read the paper on Thursday, there will be an article on Workplace Training throughout the State. A one-stop system. There will eventually be kiosks in various locations to get the information that you need. There are four mayors in the operation of the workplace for a 20-town region. The Mayors of Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport and Ansonia are the lead mayors, who will make the determination on how about $14 million will be expended in the region. Read your paper on Thursday.

I’d like to thank Peter for the resolution on the Neighborhood Assistance Program. We have received $135,000. The Library has a program for $100,000 for the heating and cooling system in the library.

Our office is currently taking applications for the summer program. There is now a separation of the recreation component. Ms. Bennett, our new Recreation Director, is coordinating the recreation component. We’ll be doing all of the hiring out of our office. If you have individuals that are interested in summer employment, we’ll be accepting applications through Tuesday, June 6. After that we’ll have an orientation with all those who have been selected. Depending on the budget outcome, that will determine how many people we’re going to select for the program. We need to do this really quickly because they’ll have to have the CPR, the Red Cross training and the water program Ms. Bennett is involved in for recreation.

[inaudible] Property on the North End – Liberty Pines. Liberty Pines was designed to be forever affordable. Our office has 35 individuals that are interested in purchasing the property, once we get certification and review by Corporation Counsel, then it will be recorded in the land records, etc.

I’d like to tell you that, our Corporation Counsel – I’ve really been keeping him busy. I’ve put a great degree of urgency on the things I’ve requested of him, much more than some times. We’re trying to get a tenant in a property, and the Mayor and Corporation Counsel are meeting Thursday to finalize a lease agreement and I thank Kevin for the really hard work he’s done. [inaudible]

You have my written report included in your packets, if you have any questions.

Mary Kalata

Tax Collector

[Ms. Kalata spoke without the benefit of a microphone – from the audience]

The suspense report this year is $1.3 million dollars. Whole grand lists are being moved to the inactive receivable. The grand lists from 1985 to 1995, motor vehicle and personal property taxes, are being moved into inactive receivables. This is a normal part of the process that should have been done before. I didn’t want to do it until I had a good handle on it. Moving the money – suspending it, doesn’t mean we can’t collect it. It means that this is the hardest to collect, we need to find the individuals and get notice out to them. We are taking an aggressive approach, liening them against real estate. Liening personal residences of absentee landlords. It’s a very aggressive approach. Every year we’ll move one year of a whole list into suspense.

There is an application for hardship that you have to act on tonight. Under the hardship statute, the taxpayer – their tax bill can’t be more than 8 percent of their income. The balance gets deferred. You need to vote to defer that amount and the abatement is the interest - the rate drops to 6 percent and you’re abating the difference. The tax is deferred until they sell the property or the occupants pass away. The City will always get their money.

Alderman Knapp stated, in regard to the water bills – I was inundated with water assessment bills phone calls last week. Is there a way we can make them more customer friendly? Ms. Kalata replied, they say exactly the same thing our other bills say. Alderman Knapp stated, I’m aware of what they say, I’m just asking if there is any way possible you can look into making them a little bit more customer friendly. I opened my bill, I owed $200 and the finance charge was $209. It just doesn’t look real good. If there is some way you can have something that is self-explanatory, that people can understand exactly what they’re paying, perhaps list the starting balance, "you’re starting out with $4,000, after this payment …" something like that, a little more customer friendly.

Ms. Kalata stated, everyone was given an amortization schedule last year. Do you want the amortization schedule to go out every year? Alderman Knapp stated, what I am looking for is something, some way, to make the bills more easily understood by the general population. If you sent an amortization schedule, most of the people wouldn’t understand that. I’m not speaking for everybody up there in the seventh ward, but most people I don’t believe would understand that. President Danielczuk asked Ms. Kalata to look into it and see if there is a way to do it with a little easier language or something, so people will understand why the interest is $209 and the bill is only $200. Ms. Kalata stated, I’ll see what I can do.

Michael Marganski

Blight Officer

[Mr. Marganski spoke from the audience, without benefit of a microphone]

Corporation Counsel has informed me you’re going to foreclose on some properties this evening. We’ll be starting the procedure next week, the title search has been completed. We’re moving forward.

President Danielczuk stated, I must compliment you, I saw you this weekend riding through the streets of Ansonia looking at properties. He was quite visible looking at things.

Alderman Samela asked, are you comfortable with the events that are going to occur with the foreclosures. Mr. Marganski stated, I’m comfortable with putting liens on the properties. These are problem properties. We had another one today we’ve had on the list, the property owner is nowhere to be found. The front porch is falling off. There are reports of children playing in the building. Hopefully some funding will be coming to resolve outstanding issues.

Mayor DellaVolpe stated, in the new budget we have some money targeted for blighted properties. We also received money from Sen. Crisco to use on blighted properties. So with that new shovel I’m going to use for the new ARMS building, I’m going to use when we tear down those buildings on the west side, especially on Lester Street and probably on Wakelee Avenue. We do have money budgeted for it, and we are really looking forward to cleaning up the City. I look forward to July.

Peter J. Danielczuk, President

As President and as a member of the Board for many, many years, I’m very proud of the job our Finance Committee did, the Board voting on the budget, the Mayor’s administration and the Board of Apportionment and Taxation. I think it’s a tribute to this new administration who has worked very hard, who has put many new items in the budget. For what we’re getting in the City and to come up with a 0% tax increase attributes this administration very well. I want to say thank you to everybody.

President Danielczuk asked again if any other Public Official wished to address the Board. Being none, he declared the Public Official Session closed.

Committee Reports

Alderman Cassetti – ARMS

Ansonia Rescue and Medical Services had a total of 102 responses, 78 hospital transports, motor vehicle accidents were 9, Fire Department assists were 8, there was one water emergency, three were canceled en-route, 20 cleared without transport. They did a good job this month.

Alderman Samela MOVED to accept the report; SECONDED by Alderman Pietrangelo. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 13-0.

Alderman Tyszka – Police Committee

The School Resource Officer at the new High School was discussed. The Board of Education will apply for grant money for SROs. This probably will happen next year.

Alderman Cassetti MOVED to accept the report; SECONDED by Alderman Knapp. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Tyszka – Public Works

Police Commissioner and Chief of Police came, there was a study done for the City concerning the Police Department last year, and one of the recommendations was that the police no longer put up the signs – it’s changing to public works. The concern was with the State statutes. They are putting together a working agreement with the Department of Public Works to take care of traffic control signs in the City. That is going to change. We are going to adopt that recommendation.

Alderman Samela MOVED to accept the report; SECONDED by Alderman Giardini.

Alderman Cassetti asked about the signs and paint used for the jobs. Public Works will handle that strictly? Alderman Tyszka explained, because of the painting, which is a separate issue entirely, the painting is going to be contracted out. The painting is done in the summer months when a lot of our Public Works employees are on vacation, and it is cheaper and easier for us to contract it out. Signs is another issue. What happened before, we had a police officer to go out and be there, and I don’t know if he actually put the sign up, but he was responsible for the signs. That is not done, or it is very seldom done, throughout the state. We are going to go through a transition where he will go out on a few signs and show these people how to do the signs. The Police Department agreed to that. They begged for it, not agreed to it.

Alderman Samela asked about the DARE program in the Police Department. There have been some problems with the DARE officer not showing up. In the last two months the officer showed up twice with no notice to the school at all. The kids are sitting with DARE books waiting for the DARE officer and nobody shows up, with no notification. Can you look into that.

Alderman Tyszka stated, I can bring that up at the Police Commission meeting – ok.

A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Hubbard – Ordinance Committee

We discussed the proposed Noise Ordinance, which will be under unfinished business tonight. The Contractor Discount was tabled for further review by Corporation Counsel. The No Smoking Ordinance at Nolan Field – the Committee voted no to consider this proposal at this time. The Tax Relief Proposal for elderly and disabled – this is in everyone’s packet. We used Orange as an example. When reading the text, the names and figures are going to change.


I think people misunderstand – the cap for Orange will not be the cap for Ansonia. That will be forthcoming in our discussion. Tax relief for Fire and Ambulance also tabled at this time. It’s been in discussion and there are people working on it.

Alderman Jordanides MOVED to accept the report; SECONDED by Alderman Pietrangelo. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 13-0.

Alderman Hubbard – Anti Blight

We had Building Inspector Nick Behun and Zoning Enforcement Officer Peter Crabtree at our meeting. Mr. Crabtree will be given lists to enforce vehicles at residences that are not registered. We discussed curb and walk problems in the City. This discussion will go to the Ordinance Committee. You have the report from the Anti-Blight Officer – that is moving along. The list of people who are at 30 days either are off the list or moved up to other sections for Corporation Counsel.

Alderman Knapp MOVED to accept the report; SECONDED by Alderman Jeanette.

Alderman Cassetti asked about the walk and curb. What was resolved? Alderman Hubbard explained that it started in discussion and we talked about the entire picture of a concerned citizen who was taking a walk with his granddaughter found the older areas, the trees that were allowed to be planted, the roots are lifting the sidewalks. The discussion went so far as to perhaps ask the City Engineer to clear out, so before the person can sell their house in that condition. That discussion is going to be continued.

A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Mr. Marganski reminded the Board that we need to have an appeals committee established. The wording of the membership should be as specified in the ordinance. We need to put those people together. We haven’t had an appeal of my findings to date, but if we do we’ll be scrambling very quickly. These people need to have a good understanding of what the Anti-Blight Ordinance is and what constitutes blight.

Alderman Hubbard – Finance Committee

Alderman Hubbard MOVED for the Finance Committee to pay all bills if found to be correct; SECONDED by Alderman Maynard. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Municipal Reports

Alderman Hubbard MOVED to accept all municipal reports, dispense with the reading and place them on file; SECONDED by Alderman Jordanides. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Tax Collector - Suspense/Refunds

Alderman Hubbard MOVED to approve the list of tax refunds for April, 2000 if found to be correct, in the total amount of $1,915.68; SECONDED by Alderman Jeanette. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Cassetti MOVED to approve the suspense list; SECONDED by Alderman Giardini. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Cassetti MOVED to approve the Charlotte Wells hardship application; SECONDED by Alderman Tyszka. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Accidents and Claims

Alderman Tyszka MOVED to refer the following to the Claims Committee:

Claim #04-00-527 – Pauline A. Sampieri

05-00-528 – Kathleen Genest

SECONDED by Alderman Cassetti. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.


Alderman Cassetti MOVED to accept all communications, dispense with the reading and place them on file. If an Alderman wishes one read or acted upon, the communications will be brought up individually in their order on the agenda; SECONDED by Alderman Knapp. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Communication #1

From Paul Sardo

Re: City Towing Services

Alderman Hubbard MOVED to forward Communication #1 to the Police Committee; SECONDED by Alderman Jeanette. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Communication #2

From Alderman Michael Joyce

Re: Proposed Tax Relief Ordinance

Alderman Tyszka MOVED to forward Communication #2 to the Ordinance Committee;

SECONDED by Alderman Knapp. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Communication #3

From Corporation Counsel Kevin Blake

Re: CCM Request

To be discussed in Executive Session.






Communication #4

From Police Chief James McGrath

Re: Maintenance Agreement – Business Electronics, Inc.

Alderman Cassetti MOVED to authorize Chief James J. McGrath to enter into a maintenance agreement for a digital voice recorder between the Ansonia Police Department and Business Electronics, Inc. at $2,700; SECONDED by Alderman Hubbard. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Communication #5

From Erna Pontillo

Re: Refund of Parking Violation Fine

Alderman Tyszka MOVED to refer Communication #5 to the Police Commission; SECONDED by Alderman Pietrangelo. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Communication #6

From Leonard Marazzi, Chairman, Board of Public Works

Re: Bid Award for Vegetation Control

Alderman Jeanette MOVED to award the bid for vegetation control to the low bidder, Vegetation Control Services Inc. of Athol, Massachusetts; SECONDED by Alderman Knapp.

Alderman Samela stated, I don’t see a price on it. Alderman Tyszka stated, it was reduced significantly. We had two bids, one for the dike and one for the streets. There was a couple thousand dollars difference. Alderman Maynard stated, it was $2,405 for vegetation control along the flood dikes; and along the City sidewalks and curbs on both sides of the street in residential areas, approximately 35 miles, $11,075, and along City sidewalks and curbs along both sides of the streets in the downtown business area, approximately five miles, $1,995.

A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Communication #7

From Frank Halpin, Director, ARMS

Re: Bid Award for New ARMS Building

Alderman Cassetti MOVED to award the bid for the new ARMS Building to the low bidder, SRC Construction, Inc. of Meriden, for the base bid price of $987,400; SECONDED by Alderman Tyszka. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0. [applause throughout].

Communication #8

From Frank G. Heusser

Re: City Towing Services

Alderman Hubbard MOVED to refer Communication #8 to the Police Commission; SECONDED by Alderman Pietrangelo. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.


Alderman Jeanette MOVED to accept the resignation of Robert Hultgren, Jr. from the Board of Apportionment and Taxation and the Retirement Board; and to send him a letter of thanks for his service to the City; SECONDED by Alderman Maynard. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 11 Yes, 1 No (Samela).


Assistant Town and City Clerk Linda VanValkenburgh read aloud the appointments of Mayor James DellaVolpe as outlined in his letter of May 3, 2000. The Aldermen acted on each appointment, in its order, as follows:

Board of Apportionment & Taxation

Alderman Cassetti MOVED to accept the reappointment of Susan M. Chudwick of 2 West Street; term to expire 12/31/02; SECONDED by Alderman Knapp. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Fair Housing Committee

Alderman Knapp MOVED to accept the appointment of Jeremiah Kennedy of 12 Jason Wright Drive; SECONDED by Alderman Giardini. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Tyszka MOVED to accept the appointment of Rev. Robert E. Linder of 4 Fourth Street, Executive Director of Ansonia Community Action; SECONDED by Alderman Maynard. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Cassetti MOVED to accept the appointment of Julia Maher of 24 Park Place; SECONDED by Alderman Jordanides. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Giardini MOVED to accept the appointment of Judy Nicolari of 167 Pulaski Highway; SECONDED by Alderman Cassetti. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Tyszka MOVED to accept the appointment of Kathleen C.B. Samela of 2 Mott Street; SECONDED by Alderman Jordanides. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 11 Yes, 0 No, 1 Abstention (Samela).

Alderman Knapp MOVED to accept the appointment of Diane Stroman, Community Service Director of TEAM, Inc., 30 Elizabeth Street, Derby, CT; SECONDED by Alderman Knapp. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Giardini MOVED to accept the appointment of Linda Ungerleider, Mortgage Specialist of Fleet Mortgage, 115 Main Street, Seymour, CT; SECONDED by Alderman Cassetti.

Mr. Perry explained, she is the designee of the local branch of Fleet Bank. There are no residential requirements for this committee. She is a realtor also.

A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Hubbard MOVED to accept the appointment of Naomi Wallace of P. O. Box 242, Ansonia; SECONDED by Alderman Knapp. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.


Resolution #1

Adoption of Authorization for Application to State of Connecticut, Department of Education Youth Service Bureau Service Contract

Alderman Tyszka MOVED to ADOPT Resolution #1; SECONDED by Alderman Jeanette.

Alderman Samela asked if the accounting procedure is straightened out with this grant. There have been problems in the past. President Danielczuk stated, I think there were some problems with the previous comptroller not understanding the processes the Reverend was doing. I haven’t heard of any problems right now as far as that is.

Mr. Miller stated, we are entertaining two bills right now from the State of Connecticut for under-spending the grants, totaling more than $3,000. It is being researched. We are talking with a software vendor to institute grant accounting. Right now the general ledger does not support that.

Alderman Ford asked, this grant was under spent? Mr. Miller replied, the State is saying that there are two grants that were under spent. Alderman Ford stated, the reason I


ask is that I know Rev. Linder had difficult times because he couldn’t get his money. He had to get rid of staff for a couple of months because he couldn’t get the money. I can’t see it being under spent when he had to let staff go.

Mr. Miller stated, I think it’s a misclassification of expenses that the former audit firm did not pick up, that are chargeable to this grant. Mr. Perry stated, some of the issues that deal with that are that their fiscal year is different than our fiscal year. What they do is reclaim their money. The proper amount appropriated and not expended. They send quarterly or monthly, when it is highly likely that Rev. Linder suffered consequences.

A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Resolution #2

Adoption of Salary Resolution for Ansonia Rescue and Medical Services (ARMS) Ambulance Attendant or Driver

Alderman Tyszka MOVED to ADOPT Resolution #2; SECONDED by Alderman Hubbard. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Resolution #3

Adoption of Authorization to refer Proposals under the 2000 Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act

Alderman Knapp MOVED to ADOPT Resolution #3; SECONDED by Alderman Jordanides.

Alderman Samela asked, what are the proposals?

Mr. Perry replied, we have a proposal from Area Congregations Together and Spooner House requesting $5,500; Birmingham Group Health Services, the Umbrella requesting $14,665; the Valley Mental Health Center, for emotional wellness program for seniors, $6,182; Valley Mental Health, healthy eating program, $5,900; [inaudible] $4,000; and the City of Ansonia Public Library for an HVAC system for $100,000.

Mr. Miller stated, the grants that Claude just mentioned emphasizes what we’re trying to do. We have to establish an accounting system for them.

Alderman Ford stated, when the Library Board came here and said Friends of the Library donated money – that was for an engineering study.

Mr. Perry stated, all City agencies should be encouraged to do what the library board is doing. Use that Neighborhood Tax Assistance Program to help defray some of the costs.

Alderman Samela stated, the 3 applications from the same agency. They are also going in under other cities? No all you need is one community to do it. You can apply in any community, but they’ve been successful in getting what they need here. It is easier coming to us because you get the help. We assist them in writing the grant.

A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Resolution #4

Adoption of Approval for Ansonia Housing Authority to Develop Two Sitting areas on or near the Olson Drive Housing Complex

Alderman Hubbard MOVED to ADOPT Resolution #4; SECONDED by Alderman Tyszka.

Alderman Pietrangelo stated, I think we should know what kind of construction they’re going to do with these benches.

Mayor DellaVolpe stated, the Ansonia Housing Authority is putting in two sitting areas – a concrete base with wooden benches facing the river. They’ll be putting in trash receptacles which will be emptied daily. Right now we have a used sofa, used old chair, and they’re just put out there and we’re liable for anything that happens there right now. The Housing Authority thought it would be best if they built the sitting area for their residents of the Riverside Apartments. They are going to be responsible for the maintenance. Right now they bring couches and chairs out there and we’re liable. They are going to be bolted in. It is going to be part of an overall greenways project. We’re going to have a walking trail coming up from Derby along the Naugatuck River, that is going to be down below. These are the first two sitting areas going in, right in the middle. We have the plans for two others at the ends, toward the bridges. The Ansonia Housing Authority approached us with this. They want this for their residents. If we clean it up it will be for our benefit. It is going to be permanent construction on these benches. Alderman Tyszka stated, this is clearly in the public interest. The Mayor ran on a platform that said it would make the City cleaner. This is clearly in the public interest. It’s the right thing to do.

A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Unfinished Business

Alderman Hubbard stated, in regard to the Noise Ordinance, that two handheld devices will be purchased to enforce the ordinance. This ordinance is in regards to excessive noise coming from vehicles, homes, the parties Mr. Bomba talked about. The Ordinance will be in effect from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Alderman Cassetti MOVED to take the Noise Ordinance off of the table; SECONDED by Alderman Jordanides. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Corporation Counsel Blake stated, for the record, that this is the Ordinance that was submitted at the 9/14/99 meeting. The revisions that were done were done by the Ordinance Committee.

Alderman Cassetti MOVED to adopt the Noise Ordinance; SECONDED by Alderman Tyszka.

Alderman Cassetti asked about training and equipment – is there any training? Alderman Hubbard stated, that goes without saying. Generally the vendor sends a representative to effect that at the Police Department.

Corporation Counsel Blake stated, the effective hours will be from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Alderman Samela stated, I think one of the sticking points from the last time was that one of the major complaints we are trying to address are cars with loud bass. I can’t figure out how they will ever catch the person. President Danielczuk stated, believe me, when someone like that starts just driving around the neighborhood [Alderman Hubbard interjected] in this case, the neighborhood, the police officer, even in his travels, comes across that individual. President Danielczuk added, where I live, on the corner, they park there at night and they’re there parked with that thing going.

Mrs. VanValkenburgh asked a question of the Corporation Counsel, stating, Kevin, you were saying this comes from the September 14 meeting. It’s going to be just the way it’s written, that is how we publish it? Corporation Counsel Blake replied, yes, but I’ll meet with you. The Aldermen must remember that if you do pass it tonight you want to do a fast track under Section 148. For this you need 12 votes in the affirmative. Fast track means that you will publish it one time only – not three.

A roll call was taken as follows:

Alderman Yes No Abstain

Ford x

Cassetti x

Bender (absent)

Samela x

Jeanette x

Giardini x

Maynard x

Jordanides x

Pietrangelo x

Joyce (absent)

Hubbard x

Alderman Yes No Abstain

Knapp x

Tyszka x

Danielczuk x

Totals: 12 0 0

The motion PASSED 12 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstentions.

President Danielczuk stated, I have to say, it’s been a lot of months of putting a lot of work into this Noise Ordinance, and I’d like to commend everybody for voting on this. It’s an ordinance the City really needs.

Alderman Samela MOVED to refer the Curfew Ordinance to the Ordinance Committee; SECONDED by Alderman Hubbard. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

New Business

Alderman Jordanides MOVED to commend Frank Halpin for his dedication, and for returning $40,000 to the City’s treasury; SECONDED by Alderman Tyszka. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Samela MOVED to send a letter to the City Engineer regarding the sidewalks on Prindle Avenue Project; SECONDED by Alderman Knapp. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Cassetti MOVED, so that the citizens are aware, to send a letter to the Board of Public Works suggesting they send out a press release regarding the City’s sidewalk policy – the reimbursement, the maintenance, that all the expense doesn’t have to fall on the homeowner; SECONDED by Alderman Jordanides. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Executive Session

Alderman Cassetti MOVED to enter Executive Session at approximately 8:25 p.m.

to discuss the Ramos case. Corporation Counsel Blake was invited to remain in the Aldermanic Chambers; SECONDED by Alderman Tyszka. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

The Aldermen observed a five-minute recess to clear the Aldermanic Chambers.




Return to Regular Session

Alderman Cassetti MOVED to return to regular session at approximately 8:40 p.m.; SECONDED by Alderman Knapp. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

Alderman Cassetti MOVED to NOT participate in the blanket brief v. Ramos conducted by the City of Vernon; SECONDED by Alderman Hubbard. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.


Alderman Tyszka MOVED to Adjourn; SECONDED by Alderman Knapp. A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 12-0.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,




Patricia R. Sullivan, Secretary

Ansonia Board of Aldermen


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